The reliability of engines hinges on the quality of service and maintenance, including timely repair. At Mid-America Engine, our repair and service of engines have consistently mitigated risks of failure and kept downtime negligible for our clients. A commercial generator, especially one that is refurbished, remanufactured or rebuilt requires periodical service and maintenance for optimized performance.

Critical operations and processes can be seriously jeopardized due to generator downtime or failure of engines. We, at Mid-America Engine, through streamlined processes have ensured that repair of every commercial generator of clients who rely on our services, is centered on reliability. Our comprehensive service of engines and generators offers the assurance of uninterrupted operations with scheduled maintenance to avoid failures. It is of paramount importance that all refurbished, remanufactured or rebuilt engines and generators are covered by comprehensive preventive maintenance for trouble free operations.

Our team of technicians with extensive expertise in power generation equipment render service of benchmarked standards. Our association with the top brands gives us the luxury of exposure to the very latest in engine and generator technology. The mega projects we have executed globally give us an edge and experience that is unrivaed, helping to foresee situations and requirements. We understand engines better and realize the primacy of the upkeep and maintenance of engines for smooth operational efficiency.